Friday, 25 May 2012

Inner Spring, 2012

Inner Spring, 2012

Looking at the current social and political issues surrounding human rights, acceptance and sexual politics, along with my own personal opinions and view, I have re developed the domestic mattress as a metaphor for human kind. Shredding back the layers exposing the inner structure and skeletal system in which we all have. The layers of trust, emotion, scars, discrimination, race, gender and sexuality in a vigorous dirty method symbolising the pain and torment while exposing the inner structure which binds us all together as being the same.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Man made green, 2011

My aim was to construct / cover a stretch of old cyclone fence around 300 meters in length. The proposed site was to be on Park Victoria land behind Red Cliffs in the wet lands near the Murray River. Materials used where be biodegradable dyed toilet paper, left in situ for four weeks and documented every three days, weather permitting.
The work is to allude to man’s efforts to control and maintain the natural envi-
ronment within man made environments. Over time (five weeks) the work to decay and disappear, making the statement, that within time, eventu- ally the environments will take over and return to its original state.
Every where we look we can see mans impact on the environment, from the roads we drive on, building we live in and the land we destroy, alter and create our own man made environments. We can directly see mans impact on the environment, and how we try to take control of it. To help raise public aware- ness of environmental issues, faced around Sunraysia and also within Australia. People need to be aware that we cannot control the environment, but we are able to do a lot of damage to it, which needs to be worked on and changes made where possible. The work asks the viewer to contemplate man’s interac- tion with the natural world and the resulting impact. 

In one's mind, 2010

Bags, 2011

Lake Spectacular, 2010

Trust, 2011